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Archive Digitisation

ScannerRent offers scanners, laptops, software, operators, ICT facilities and services for archive digitisation projects. Regardless what drawings, reports or office documents you plan to digitise, we can support you making your archive digitisation project a success. Our focus on archive digitisation makes us a specialist with a perfect understanding of subjects like planning, scanning, metadata, image quality, ocr, dtp, cad, storage, databases and logistics.

Archive digitisation planning

Many organisations digitise their archive for better workflow efficiency, fast access to files, safe storage and office space optimisation. With production scanners from ScannerRent you can digitise your document with high productivity and make files searchable. Digitisation is not complex but it requires a thorough planning, professional equipment and operational excellence. ScannerRent offers you the hardware, software and services to digitise your archive with high productivity. Before you make a start, think about the following subjects:
  • » desired state of your digital archive / file structure?
  • » what content you like to digitise?
  • » size of your digitisation project (quantity x papersize x labour intensity x requirements)
  • » human resources: you like to scan with your own staff or outsource digitisation?
  • » scanners, laptops and software
  • » backup process & storage
  • » quality control & tracking process

Archive digitisation scanning

Administrations, publishers, libraries and regular firms can connect with our scanner rent service to rent top quality scanners with or without an operator. We focus on top brands with a solid performance. All scanners are extensively tested and brought in perfect condition. Benefit from our flexibility and the large stock of:

Archive digitisation digital services

As part of the scanning process you can select OCR on the scanner. The production scanner then automatically converts your files to searchable PDF. For document archives you could think of the following post-scan services for a perfect digital archive:
  • » backup & Storage
  • » file structure
  • » metadata
  • » tracking process & status reports
  • » import files in your digital archive / document management software

Digital services for technical drawings

The digitisation of drawings, photos, newspapers and books often requires digital corrections to improve the image quality. We could offer you the following digital services:

Outsourcing your digitisation project

You can rent a scanner at ScannerRent but we can also offer a full service archive digitisation project. We have the scanners, people, IT infrastructure, experience, processes and facilities to deliver perfect quality at a competitive price. You find our full service Scanner Rent locations in:

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